Antal International is a global recruitment company founded in London more than 20 years ago. We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Dalian and Wuhan (Mainland China) as well as Hong Kong and Singapore (Southeast Asia) and currently employ more than 200 recruitment consultants. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with more than 3,000 clients and made over 7,000 placements. Globally, Antal is present in 35 countries across the world and employs more than 1000 people.

We have continuously improved and refined our internal processes, training and methodologies to reflect the business needs of our clients and market changes in general. We firmly believe that our deep market expertise can benefit organisations that seek a knowledgeable business partner with scale and global reach. 

Our clients range from large MNCs to Chinese domestic giants to some of the most iconic British brands. All our clients are different, but they all have the same desire to grow and improve their teams in China.

Our team covers 17 different industries, the largest of which include automotive, consumer and retail products, healthcare, technology and green tech, rail, industrial products, services, chemical products, education and banking. 

As part of our CSR program, we created The Antal Charitable Foundation. It focuses on supporting charities across the globe, whose main aim is to help disadvantaged children.

The aim of the services we provide is twofold. Firstly, we help companies attract the best talent. Secondly, we develop long term relationships with candidates and become their trusted career advisor.

Our philosophy that helps us achieve this is through sharing information: 'we share information, knowledge and experience for the benefit of our colleagues, clients and candidates.'

Our services are client and candidate centric. Every Antal expert is focused on a specific skill-set and aligned to an industry sector. We call it a “Matrix Portfolio Management” system, which is a powerful combination that gives us a unique overview of the market and the talent located within it. We can offer practical advice remuneration levels, contracts and benefits in China and Southeast Asia. We can handle executive roles as well as volume recruitment of niche skills candidates such as software developers.

Through all of this, there is an underlying ethical and honest approach to developing long term relationships with both candidates and clients. We take only on projects in the area of our expertise. 

Commercially, Antal China is going through its strongest period of results. 2016 was our best year and this has already been surpassed in 2017.

Notably, we are reinvesting our profit back into our company. We are expanding our footprint in Shanghai and Suzhou, opening new offices in Qingdao, Nanjing and Tianjin and have invested in a new state of the art database and we are redoubling our internal training efforts. 

Antal has always focused on developing emerging markets - our biggest footprint globally is in China, India, Poland and Russia. Consequently, it was a natural progression for us to be one of the first foreign recruitment firms to open in China more than 15 years ago.

We have adapted within the Chinese market by hiring truly specialised recruiters. We often talk about a consultant's specialisation being 'an inch wide but a mile deep'. By this, we mean that they will be focused on recruiting a very narrow skill set (an inch wide), but understand everything and know all the key players within that discipline (a mile deep). 

We firmly believe that Antal has helped recruitment consulting become a legitimate career for ambitious Chinese and British people. Our training program equips our staff with the skills that they need to excel not only in working for us but also more broadly in order to further their careers and life. We are delighted that many of our staff have gone on to great efforts outside of Antal from opening their own recruitment businesses to taking leadership roles in large companies.

Our talent centre in Suzhou has two core functions. The first function is to provide our clients with a fast response to their needs. The second is to act as an incubator to grow talent for Antal globally. We believe that we are leading the way in Chinese service industries by adopting this home-grown approach for talent.

Developing our local talent is a priority for Antal China. Out of a management team of twenty-two people, fourteen are Chinese, and twelve started with us as a consultant or associate consultant and worked their way up to management.

Our business objective in China and Asia is simple: to provide the best possible environment for our staff to achieve their professional ambitions.


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